Model's feet stick together when trying to rig

hi i’m retro and i’ve spent most of my time on vrchat looking for an avatar of a specific character. eventually i unlocked the ability to just add my own in, so i grabbed a model off the internet and tried following a few tutorials. all of these tutorials end up either with bones already in the model or going to mixamo.
the model i have comes without bones and is in a t-pose with the feet slightly clipping through each other. this ends up breaking it when putting it through mixamo. not only that, but the character’s back is complex and the head is very circular so mixamo just does not work well with this model.
i was wondering if theres any way to move the feet away from each other so that i dont have to worry about them sticking together, or if there’s any other method i could use to rig the model for vrchat. i have essentially no prior knowledge when it comes to making 3d models.

You may need to do a “partial” rig for the legs so you can basically move them a bit to separate them a bit, THEN try the auto-rigger or maybe commission your model to be rigged by someone else (I do that among other things for example), in my experience it is better to have the model’s legs on A-pose rather than the usual T-Pose, be aware that VRChat’s default animations may still look weird once the model is properly rigged and imported into the game.

so essentially you mean that for now i could manually rig the legs, pose them slightly apart from one another, and then i can use the auto rig site? that part doesnt seem too hard, but after i do that, there will definitely still be fixes i need to make and i’m not sure i’ll be able to make said fixes without, say, a head that moves from the upper lip instead of the neck or feet that go through the floor all the time or something.
so, if you don’t mind, could i send you a friend req on discord so that we can talk about your prices there? i’ve checked your post on commissions so i have your tag, but i wanted to go ahead and ask anyway just to be completely sure it was ok if i did that.

Sure thing, hit me up.

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