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I have a VR chat avatar that was comissioned and made, it comes with expressions and even bones for the dress, tail, and ears
yet I am very new to 3.0 avatars and need help getting it into VR chat with everything working…
please if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it

This can overwhelming, but very doable if you have never used unity before. I would recommend installing everything via the creator companion, it handles all dependencies needed. That is on the vrchat website in downloads. I highly recommend following this video to achieve a basic upload VRChat Avatar 3.0 Tutorial - Uploading a Basic Avatar (2022) - YouTube

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I can upload the model easily, that’s not my problem, my problem is getting the expressions and hair physics working

From what I’ve been tinkering with, I would have expected the avatar to come with a prefab with the physbones and such attached. Probably best to see what you have to work with. Like for a facial expression, you have anim files that specify what the blendshapes need to do. To have an option to look surprised you need to have two anim files, one to look surprised and one to look normal.

I think most of not all the avatars linked via vrchat home are freely available, maybe consider downloading the himiko and look at how it’s prefab references things. It’s got physbones and expression.

Actually I think there is a thread on here about expressions being broken with recent sdk, something about needing to remove avatar mask from animator layer. I’d say I would find it later but I will forget.

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I would generally expect a commissioned avatar to come as a Unity package with all this set up. Just upload and go.

What were you sent? Was it just a mesh file like an fbx or something? Just need to know what we have to work with here.