Model Commission for a Stargate Atlantis inspired world

Hello, for those this may concern I am somewhat new to world making, been relying on builderpro to make my worlds and to some extent I have the hang if the unity side of things but what I would like to request is the following if possible but first why I’m asking this. For the longest time i have been a fan of the stargate series and it’s been sad to see the series almost completely forgotten, at least until I saw this udon beta for a stargate world and it got me thinking that if a creator is doing a world inspired by the sg1 series then I would do one inspired by its tie in sequel series Stargate Atlantis, while I haven’t got the foggiest idea on how udon works yet I wanted to at least lay some ground work by getting the world layout itself working first. Anyways what I want to ask of anyone skilled enough is one or more of the following:

  1. As much of the Atlantis cities interior as possible made with accurate collision (textures would also be nice but I can work on those myself if needed) as I have seen models of the cities exterior so that aspect is ok.

  2. Provided someone is willing, I would love if someone can teach me how to make models of such scale, I can make avatars from pre made models but never have I made a model be it humanoid or not from scratch soo this is new territory for me so any easy to manage lessons on this or advice is appreciated.

  3. While I have been able to find models of the stargate itself i can only find ones that are from sg1 soo if anyone has a decent looking model of the stargate from the Atlantis series that would also be nice.

If you have read this far and are interested feel free to add me while commenting your in game name so I can accept the right requests. If i or we if there are people interested can get the ground work done then I plan on turning Atlantis into a game world where players can relive some of the sequel series greatest moments such as the wraith siege in season 1.
Thanks for reading and have a good day.

To add to main post upon some thinking I could possibly make the interior of the city via builder pro with some time and patience but the other points are still needed, especially the model of the stargate from the sequel series.