Missing scripts for avatars

hello there

i was uploading a custom avatar for my friend and it has missing scripts
which prevents me from uploading the custom avatar and i don’t want to
delete these missing scripts because it has features on it (gogo loco, poses, etc.)
is there anyway of recovering these missing scripts

thank you for any help

Unity doesn’t do a good job of exposing useful information to track down a missing script.

Best bet is as follows: start with assumption it’s dynamic bones, there is a dynamic bones stubs on GitHub, won’t interfere with anything else

If you’re sure the avatar should have go go loco, but there is zero evidence of existence, and the base layer in the avatar descriptor is empty, look up Vrcfury

Otherwise your best bet is to go through all the hierarchy and find the missing scripts, what are they attached to etc

What you should do is create a copy of the scene, unpack any prefab in this scene and then remove missing scripts from this copy.

GitHub - rurre/PumkinsAvatarTools: A toolbox for easily setting up VRChat avatars in Unity. Adds functionality to the editor and automates some of the tedious tasks. has a button to remove missing scripts, it says missing dynamic bones scripts, but it removes all missing scripts