Missing components on VRCSDK3

Hello, everyone.

I really tried to find something on this, but I failed.
When I try to add components to my World, only part of them are showing (about 15).

Captura de Tela (46)

I’m using the right Unity version (2018.4.20f1) and already reinstalled the SDK (using VRCSDK3).

The world runs fine, but a lot of components are missing, like VRC_SyncVideoStream, VRC_VideoScreen, and VRC_VideoSpeaker.

How to resolve this? Thanks!

I don’t think The video player has been added yet to SDK3 I did see somewhere it is in beta release though. A lot of stuff changed like triggers n stuff too, most of it is handled in udon.

Hello, Butterstuffs. Thank you for your reply.
Yeah, it seems like there is no video support on SDK3. The problem there is nothing written on the documentation, and it’s quite frustrating for whoever is starting to build your own world.

Update: it is possible to play Video on SDK3 after v2020.3.3:

For now, you need to download the beta SDK from their Discord.

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