Migrated projects fail to replicate scene. Please fix ASAP

I noticed today that my unity project files have turned into legacy ones in the recent build.
I updated Creator Companion so I can migrate my suddenly “old” projects.

I am glad I never deleted them, because this change is infuriating. Does the new migration include all the packages and assets? Yes. Does it include the scenes? Nope. Everything that I put into the scenes, all the empty’s that included stations and Udon scripts, and the positions of my assets throughout the world has vanished, meaning I have to start all over again in creating my world all for a poor project migration.

I’m heavily disappointed this wasn’t tested enough to ensure that people’s work is not destroyed or suddenly incompatible.

Never mind, I fix it but clarification is needed. It’s at least in the asset folder.

Can you clarify what you mean? You had some problem involving assets?

My dumb brain didn’t realize that the scene was in the scenes folder and you can just drag it from there to retrieve everything that was setup from the legacy project.