Mic sound Broadcast to diff location?

Can someone show me a way to port music played through a mic from one location and have it played though an audio source somewhere else in the world ive created.

I dont even know if this is possible but lemme put it into context.

I have my Pioneer cdj’s connected to my computer and the mix coming out is going out through my mic (if I allow it). I have a dance floor in my world and a private lounge. I would like to be able to Dj from the private lounge and have the sound come out on the dance floor.

Does that sound ridiculous? if you can help I would love you. If you can create a prefab id pay you but im willing to struggle my way through this if I have to.

I posted this here becaue I am using SDK3 and I would prefer to not get SDK2 only stuff. cuz that breaks SDK3.

No you can not move a players output to a different location, without moving the player.

However, they will eventually add support for Player Audio Override in Udon. It’s a bit further down on the release list at the moment. But there you can increase the audio range for a player so it can be heard all over the world

Thanks so much. Figured that’s not possible but never hurts to ask in here :slight_smile: I appreciate your reply.

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Go check out TopazChat

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is this real? Do we know if that works with udon? That looks like everything ive been lookig for.

That’s for SDK2 and does not work in Udon.

Udon doesn’t have Video Player support at the moment either.

yup just tried to and broke my SDK… Pretty good at fixing that these days. I should write a guide on how to fix your broken unity when you overlap SDK’s hahahaha. Either way thanks so much guys.

Well, SDK3 don’t support SDK2. Not much else needed to say there :thinking:

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