Merged my steam account, now i cant favorite or unfavorite avatars

friends are saying itll fix itself but idk whats happening.

I’m not sure why you can’t add avatars - this is an obvious question, but it’s not because your favourite list is full, is it?

There have been some other posts that talk about “glitches” with avatar favourites being resolved when a system refresh is done. I think refreshes are done maybe a few times a week (or something like a refresh - I’m definitely no authority on this).

I had trouble deleting favourites last summer and someone told me to do the following. It worked.

(1) Select an avatar and click “unfavourite”. Nothing happens. THAT’S OK.
(2) Close your menu.
(3) Then re-open it, then close again, then re-open.
(4) After re-opening the menu several times, the unfavourited avatar has disappeared.
(5) Repeat for other avatars you want to delete.