MaxDeaconVR World Commissions

Hello, my name is Max Deacon (VRChat maxdeacon| Discord MaxDeaconVR#5852).

I work as a 3d artist and architect since 2007, last 3 years in free-lance and 5 years as a Youtube creator in the field of VR.

I make fully scratch-built, hand-painted worlds, highly-optimized to perform 70 fps on Quest.
You can commission me prop models (including animated ones), assets and worlds.

  • I work in hand-painted toon style and pixel-art textured low-poly style.
  • I make flat-shaded materials or painted/ baked lighting and shadows.
  • My worlds are very compact in size.

I have made three worlds for VRChat so far:

I work in Blender 3d and specialize mostly in 3d-modeling, texturing and animation.

I can set-up a basic VRChat (UDON) world with:

  • mirror toggles and triggers
  • optimized collisions
  • pickable objects with and without rigid-body physics
  • animated objects
  • UDON scrolling textures
  • teleports and portals
  • sound and music (I don’t make audio or program players/ playlists)

Price depends on complexity and the amount of work.

Here is how I would roughly price my worlds if they were commissioned:

My Castle Town - 1000$ - took around 3 weeks to finish overall: 9 indoor rooms with exclusive geometry and 2 big outdoor rooms with only a few modular assets.
Muffet Undertale Chill - 500$ took a week but contain 3 rigged and animated characters
Tem Village HD - 300$ took around 5 days, rather simple, but contain a lot of character animations

You can DM me on Discord: MaxDeaconVR#5852

I have read the Commissions Guidelines document, understand it, and agree to all conditions within.