Material Swap Animation Element 1 & 4 Interfering With Each Other?

Ran into this a few times. I could implement a 2nd skinned mesh to work around this limitation, not a great fix though.

Found a related bug fix case posted with Unity stating it was fixed on 2019.4.x.
Guess issue was close but unrelated, Any info if VRC will update to a true LTS version where these bug fixes actually get support?

For a little more detail, Both Elements are affected by separate clips on separate layers of the animator. Whichever is called first overrides the other animation.

Yes, this issue should be fixed in 2019.4.39f1. vrchat is currently running 2019.4.40f1 on PC, but due to some crashing issues with video players, it is not running that version on quest. As a result, we are not recommending anyone to upgrade their unity projects to the latest version, but you can still take advantage of those big fixes in client (at least on PC).

Try uploading your avatar that has the issue and you may find it to not be a problem in client.


Thank you for the update! Would be nice to see this issue resolved in the editor but I’ll take a client side fix to move forward.

Spent too long trying to workaround this. Gonna consider upload testing next time before I go crazy again…