Material Change on Interact


I’m quite new to Udon and programming in general, but I’d like to take this studio backdrop I made and have the backdrop material change based on which roll is interacted with. These rolls will feature textures instead of colors.

If anyone could help me out, I’d much appreciate it.


Assuming the rolled up ones have the material on them that you want the other one to change to, then you can use the GameObjects mesh renderers with an Interact event.

For the example below just pop the graph on each individual rolled up canvas, drag its self onto “This_MeshRenderer” in the inspector & drag the one thats unrolled onto “MeshRendererToChange”

This example just sets the material on “MeshRendererToChange” to the material on “This_MeshRenderer”

If you want it synced for everyone make sure to use a Custom Event & SendCustomNetworkEvent node!

Hopefully this helps if you haven’t already got it working!