Making a udongraph in a world affect a different one?

i doubt it’s possible, but i’m wanting to make a udongraph or something that when a player enters a trigger in one world, a perimeter in a second world is affected by that trigger in that one world.

i want to make a way so right before the player spawns in to the world i made. if they went through a certain area in the previous world, the location of spawn they appear in the world they are in now is changed to go somewhere else. So once they spawn, they’ll be at a different section of the world.

i already have the spawn system done. but it’s the matter of if it’s even possible to make the int value in the animator be affected by a object in a different world.

Currently, no, not possible.

As there’s no way to send variables between instances let alone worlds.

However this is something on the vrc roadmap in the form of persistence. Where you can attach variables to players and read it later