Making a dance pad

I’ve been trying to make some items that can animate an avatar when they sit on it. I failed miserably with the override in the station. At one point someone suggested I find Splink’s Dance Pad and learn from that, but then I was told those don’t work any more (and I confirmed it by dropping one into my world). I finally gave up, only to explore VKET last night, and then to my surprise, at the end of the Academy Night scene, there’s station orbs that animate the whole avatar.

Can anyone point me to a tutorial on how to make something like that or point me to a prefab that does something like that? I’d like to learn the scripts on my own, but if I have something working as an example, I can at least learn from it.

I figured it out. For anyone else reading this that may have fallen into the same problem of the animation controller disappearing after any build here is the solution:

Unpack any prefab you’re using that has the station. Modify the original vrc_AnimationV3SittingLayer from the examples to include your animation. Then Set the Animator Controller to the vrc_AnimationV3SittingLayer controller. Finally, add a game object, save, and delete the game object again. Save again and build.

This worked for me. I’m not entirely sure why you have to unpack the prefab or add/remove a game object, but I found these instructions on this Japanese site: SDK3/SDK2両対応アニメーションを置き換えるワールドのVRCStationの作り方 - 黒鳥のメモ