Make a blacklist

Hi, im currently making a Vrchat world, the thing is, i want to implement a moderation panel for me and my friends. The idea is to make a button that adds a player to a blacklist which teleports him and freezes him too so they can’t respawn or join again and “unban” themselves.

I tried to do that yesterday but i couldn’t find examples or documentation of this or something similar.
Any ideas of how i can make this? Thanks.

I tried to do that yesterday but i couldn’t find examples or documentation of this or something similar.
Any ideas of how i can make this? Thanks

because it doesn’t exist, vrchat world doesn’t allow you to track a specific player info unless using 3rd party program, which your account might lead to terminations
if it’s a blacklist like a name, they can easily change their name if it’s steam account,
vrchat account change name every 3 months.

Why not just create a Friends-only or Friends+ world instance?

Well there’s someone who made something like this a long ago. I don’t know how it works since the only way to get it it’s by paying more than 50 bucks which i can’t afford. But here’s the video: Udon Admin Panel for VRChat Worlds (SDK3) - YouTube

About the change name thing, i’m aware of that. I want to use the panel only if someone annoys other people on the same server and teleport it to somewhere else to stop that temporarily, i have heard experiences like that on my world when i’m not connected and my friends can’t do anything because they aren’t the owners.

One thing that I don’t think has been mentioned yet is that your “ban” would only last for the existence of the instance, if everyone leaves the world (which eventually they will) it’ll reset.

I also don’t think you can block respawning so maybe an alternative would be to place an invisible wall around spawn that requires a boolean variable switched to true (by default set it to true so new players can pass). If the player has been naughty force a respawn and switch that var to false for them.

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Thanks for your reply. How can i achieve something like that?

Without hard coding it and updating your world each time, put simply, you can’t.

(Since udon doesn’t support unity web requests to get data)

If you only want to ban players during an active instance however, just add their names to an array and check it every once in a while or during certain events e.g on join, on leave, on respawn etc

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Thanks. How can i check an array?

The guys who made the virtual furence map have an amazing tool like this. They can first mute a person so neither of their Animations and avatar sounds work. They are unable to talk to people and I think they can only listen to people. And if they are very bad and evil mischiefous eggs then they get banned and are thrown into a room with portals around them. And a video that plays an info about how to be nice to people. There is no way of escaping that room and it is not linked to that instance. I don’t know if they are selling it or if they are still working on it but I know they habe that tool. Somehow it works and I had a quick test with the guys. For more info you will habe to check with them if they are online and you can manage to join them.

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Thanks! I’ll try to contact them as soon as i can.