Made Timer? But it instead instantly kill VRChat

I’m trying to delay between node but there are no node such as Delay(), Timer() or Wait() so I tried created myself

GameObject A :
GameObject B :
GameObject B is inside GameObject A.

There’ll be public variable called Target in GameObject A so I put GameObject B in it also there is public variable called Timer in Gameobject B so I put GameObject A in it.

I expected that after I interacted to GameObject B then GameObject B will be inactive for 3 seconds then become active again but I tested in VRChat client by interact to GameObject B then the game instantly crashed without any pop-up or log and I can’t figure out why.

Due to a bug, copy&pasting Get/Set Variable nodes will not reference the right variables and default to one.
Therefore you should (until the bug is fixed) post pictures of your graph (as long as its reasonably sized).

VRChat always writes a log and if it crashes it should also output a crashlog. You can find the logs in your
AppData>LocalLow>VRChat folder. It should say what caused the crash.