Looking for Avatar Creator to make a samurai panda

I’m looking for someone to commision to make an avatar of an OC of mine but I don’t know if it is possible. Also I want it for both PC and Quest and not like too tall like around 2m (using the vrchat measurent) sorry if I sound like I’m asking too much.

Here are some reference


@Uzii Comms#1143
Dm me on my discord

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Hello Yugioh6!

Hope you’re doing good today ^^

If you’re still looking to commission, you can contact me, here’s my discord:


Or you can always fill my form and I’ll contact you in less than one hour! ^^


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I can workout something close to this kindly contact me on the discord: mancor806

Basically I can help you with your satisfaction kindly contact me on discord (ayommy_avi)