Looking for a world: "Market World" someone said... Description within

So I recall a spaceship, and the “bridge” had a giant “Fishbowl-esk” viewport… A giant one.
Over my head i saw floating island-like worlds which i could portal to.
I thought that was absolutely amazing, but I forgot to save it.
One portal location i went to, There was a motor bike I could ride.

Someone told me when i was there: “Oh this is a market world. They use it to advert their avatars”
And i said: “Holy F*** so… they built all this, just to sell avatars. Gotta say, im not opposed to that kind of marketing. Actually putting effort into such a thing…”

that was a vket world, specifically vr vket 6 core

you can find it here:

do note, since vket has ended, some things might not work.

Also, virtual market is a bi yearly event where people come together to sell their vrchat wares. it’s our version of commikette where Japanese people try to sell their own comics :slight_smile: (hence the name vrkette) there’s generally 2 main editions, a summer and winter edition each with their own unique theme and worlds to show off cool things you can buy for yourself