Looking for a specific avatar

Hi, this is my first time using these forums, but, I am looking for a certain avatar in particular. It’s of the character Stolas from Helluva Boss, but he’s wearing something like a brown sweater. I’ve seen this avatar in public but I didn’t want to ask to clone it. It might be private or something, but if anyone can find it if it’s public or if they already have it, I’d like to clone it. That is all I ask.

Hey how are you doing I just saw your request post and I decide to reach you, I can help you with it, about what you need To discuss better contact me Discord ( mogicy )

Hello buddy, I’m sure you’re doing good, have seen your request and more than willing to be of help, but in order to discuss better on what you want done kindly add me on discord Alex_thony#3149

Another option is to go to an Avatar search world and try to find it there.

For example, Prismic’s Avatar Search: VRChat - Home

Not to sound tiresome, but having folks ask you to contact them through Discord sounds kinda sus to me.

Thing is it’s not on Prismics. I spent a few hours looking at different authors and search terms to no avail.

well i can make you the style you want i know how the hazbin helluva models are if you wanna reach me out here’s my discord :freddie0584 and twitter :https://twitter.com/Fredricks_Morc

you can see my post on avatars commission Avatar commissions open here it iss