Locomotion stutters until entering then exiting a station, but the first time you enter a station the avatar crumples downwards

So, once I change into the avatar or reset it, the locomotion gets stuttery. Then when I first sit in a station, the avatar crumples downwards. After leaving the station, the avatar sits normally on future attempts and the locomotion stutter goes away. This fixes it for the rest of the time using the avatar (until something resets it, i.e. joining a world, changing avatars, manually resetting).

This only seems to happen on my latest three or four 3.0 avatars; older ones are exempt from the issue. It ain’t game-breaking, but it really hurts the presentation of the avatar after it breaks when first seated. Makes them seem incomplete/unpolished to onlookers and users of it.

Is this a known bug in the latest SDK? I’ve got everything up to date and it persists. Any solutions?

are you using the provided sitting layer in special or are you using some other sitting layer?

Only one of the four I’m having a problem with has a custom sitting layer. The rest have the provided one.

Think I should try to re-import the example controllers from the latest SDK?

yeah that seemed to help me when I attempted to make a custom and messed it all up. worth a shot if anything.

Alright, I (kind of) figured both issues out. I don’t know what causes either, but for anyone visiting for a fix:

  • The stuttery locomotion had to do with me basing my custom sitting controller on the provided vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer2 controller. Don’t. Customize the main vrc_AvatarV3SittingLayer instead. That or I accidentally fixed the problem by re-making the controller.

  • If your 3.0 avatar crumples when first sitting, add a Temporary Pose Space component to the WaitForActionOrAFK and Sit components in the Action layer like this: https://i.imgur.com/aO64iLK.png
    (That, and make sure to replace the any instances of the proxy_sit animation in the Action layer with your custom seated animation.)

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