Locomotion for Alternate body

Hey everyone, sorry for the long post, it’s my first time here and my issue is kinda very specific
i was wondering, how would one go about adding locomotion to say, an extra body

see, i have an avatar i’d like to work on that has a hidden fully rigged body which can be activated via a toggle for the purpose of some special animations i have in mind, and i was wondering if it would be possible to make this extra body animated, as in it walking as i walk, jump, etc
i believe something like this may be possible, since i remember seeing a transformers avatar with a vehicle mode that seemed to me like it was done that way, but i’m not certain.

the main thing is that i need these animations to not be affected by the main body’s tracking (like feet placement and the head following the camera)

is there any way to do such a thing?

Are you trying to make a follower? If so, there’s this. It’s not quest compatible if that’s an issue.

If you’re trying to replace your character with another body like the Transformers avatars, then that depends. If it is absolutely not affected by main body tracking, other than hips, then that’s easy. I can go into detail, but I’m wondering if you meant a follower or body switch.

it’s a body switch, basically it’s a character that enters a sort of “fighting mode” where he has a different idle stance as if squaring up to fight someone, and also go along to this sort of 3rd person setup i made

i’d apreciate it greatly if you could tell me exactly how to do it

another thing, he’s supposed to be animated, like walking and jumping and whatnot, not just the static body in an idle pose

I presume the body is different enough to need a different armature. What you would have to do is create a blendshape for each body to switch between. Then also create 2 armatures for each body. Join them together. If I remember correctly, you might have to click on the first, then the second and join them. Or vice versa, I just remember it caused issues if I did it the wrong way.

You would have to create you’re own walking and jumping animations, at least for the second body. You can get them from mixamo, if you don’t want to animate.

You can either have both characters animated and have those animations combined through NLA track in blender(or other ways).

The better way would be to have another locomotion set in your locomotion layer. You would have the same trigger for both the body switch and the animation change. I have a diagram I made a while back which would show you what you have to do.

With these methods you would still move around when you move slightly with VR(the little foot movement when you walk in real life). And when you turn around, the whole body might move. The armature is not influenced by the main one, so head tracking and others, should not be an issue.

It would still be affected by the hip rotation, so you would need to make an animation that locks everything. In the Vrchat animation layer, you would add a new block with proxy_stand_still in it. Connect “prepare standing” to it, then connect it to “blendout stand”. This would be triggered by the same as the others.

When importing the model, I think you would have to click on the model in Assets, then go to the animation tab in the inspector. Under mask, set definition to create from this model, then check all, but the mesh or including mesh. I’m not sure if this is necessary, but if you’re extra body isn’t animated this might be.

I am presuming you have at least some knowledge in 3d and making avatars, so if I did not explain myself well or you do not understand something, please feel free to ask, and I’ll be glad to explain it better

i see, yeah i have some knowledge, and i believe i get what you’re saying, i’m gonna try that out now
thank you very much for that, i apreciate it a lot.

only thing that might be an issue is that both bodies are the same, i believe joining them might be an issue, their armatures being the exact same one

but still, thank you.