Locomotion change via toggle

Good day everyone. I am quite curious if there is a way to set a different locomotion state as a toggle. Say when the toggle is off then they run/walk normally. When the toggle is on then they run/walk in a gorilla manner.

I would like to make this as a toggle cause the avatar will be a Quest model and it would be inconvenient to have to crouch irl to say do the gorilla run.

Is this possible?
Thank you for your time!

Yes! You can set more than one Locomotion Blend Tree as alternate states. For example, I have a floating Blend Tree I made for my avatar and set it to an ‘int’ to toggle between the walking/float states. :slight_smile:

I also want to know how to do this… is there a more in-depth tutorial somewhere?

So sorry for the late reply!

Awesome! How would I would set this up if I may ask? So I have my animations more or less - how do I set it up to work? Where do I place this blend tree and such?

Hey, i figured it out. for making a toggle, after you’ve made a second blend tree with the alt animations, take your locomotion states, highlight and ctrl d copy them into a second set, then make a transition from the idle of the first set to the idle of the second set and add the condition LocomotionMode equals 1, then make a transition back with LocomotionMode notequal 1. use LocomotionMode as your parameter for the toggle, make sure it’s that specifically because VRchat’s locomotion sets are programmed to register that specifically. make sure you use VRchat’s base locomotion controllers to start. make sure you add LocomotionMode as an “int” parameter in the locomotion layer