Lighting issues with Avatar

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tried the legacy blend shape option in unity?

Legacy Blend Shapes is on on the model, I don’t really understand how it affects things though

blendshapes have a tendency to affect lighting, which is why it’s usually set to legacy to prevent it from doing so.

That aside it can be a multitude of reasons it’s happening, uv mapping, shaders, the textures themselves.

Blend shapes shouldn’t really pose a problem here since I’m not using any, I have a custom viseme layer with Viseme Parameter Only that uses animated UV Offsets to animate the mouth across a what is basically a mouth sprite sheet.

I think I can rule out UV mapping and the texture itself since I know it’s all the same color, my guess why this would be happening is because the mouth is a seperate mesh and shader from the face, so it gets it’s own lighting applied, what I basically want is for the mouth to have the same uniform lighting as it would have if it wasn’t seperated.

Solved this by making the mouth sheet transparent. Actually a pretty easy fix, don’t know how I didn’t think of it before.