Launching players from an avatar on a ballistic trajectory

I’ve put together what is essentially a Fat Man nuke launcher but instead of a nuke, I want it to fire a player.

I’ve tried accelerating the player then disabling the station, but they don’t seem to inherit the velocity and instead drop out of the seat onto the ground.

Would a rigidbody-based system be my only choice? I couldn’t seem to reset it to its starting position to ready it for the next launch. Plus, it seemed glued to the launcher while it was falling instead of being world-based.

Ever try an animation possibly that moves the seat to say x 1 y 1 to x(1-4) y(1-4) and then turn the seat off during the animation? The only thing I can think of is just a pure animation on a seat that continuously goes forward, like the “gay bomb” on the pride wickerbeast.

Turning the seat off during a launch animation didn’t seem to work in the first place.

It would make it PC-only, but I wonder if I could make the seat world-constrained and on a fixed animation path, that way it doesn’t tilt with my hand after launch…