Kind of a marketing survey - Avatars

With the lack of commissions lately I have opened a gumroad and I hope I could make some basic avatars to add as freebies or low price, so I would like to ask, what kind of avatars people would be looking for? whetever I add would be low budget with enough quality to work on both PC and quest.

On a more specific case, what would you think of “kigurumi” style avatars? what are those? well, they would mimic kigurumi cosplayers which means no lip synch or eye movement (maybe “mechanical eyelids and following eye effects”), sounds like just lazy models right, the thing is, when it comes to shading and texture they would theoretically look like it is someone using a body suit with a mask (with visible seams and stuff), please let me know what do you think.

Hmm… So I’m actually planning on making a gumroad for my avi’s once I can work in blender efficiently enough and well enough that the avis are good quality.

there’s a whole wide range of avi’s people look for. Like, does it have phys bones, does it look good on quest(for quest users obvi), is it their style, so-on-so-forth. I would maybe ask around. Ask your friends what they would like to see more of…