Katsudon - IL to Udon compiler

Katsudon is a compiler of IL assemblies (including plugins) directly into the Udon programs.

The utility was created for more convenient work with the Unity, so the use of C# scripts is as close to normal as possible. But due to Udon limitations some things may be different.

The latest version of Katsudon and its wiki is available on GitHub - Xytabich/Katsudon: IL to VRChat Udon compiler


  • Katsudon was designed to automatically support Udon’s functionality, so there are such things as a dynamically updated list of udon functionality (also known as Udon cache).
    Therefore, you can often use Katsudon for the latest versions of the VRChat SDK. But in the event of a new functionality, updates will be carried out.
  • At the moment this utility is in the alpha stage, so many things may not be implemented and some parts may not be optimized.