Kamen Rider Avatars

Look, you know there’s a lot of people who loves Tokusatsu, for exemple Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, i have friends who loves kamen rider you know, if the players knows kamen rider was a thing, all the players will be getting it now on VRChat, look i love kamen rider since last year, and i met some japanenses and they like my kamen rider avatar (the avatar is not mine tho lol, is from megamancodex, a friend of mine) so i start talking with them and that was interesing tho so yeah, there’s a bunch of kamen rider avatar worlds on vrchat so yea. :two: :zero: :two: :zero:


I’m sorry, but I am not sure what you are trying to say with this post.

Are you trying to say that there needs to be more avatar worlds with this theme, or if you would like to meet up with other Fans?

I have tried some public kamen rider avatars, but there are some problems with alot of them, most of them from, megamancodex, as it seems that they did not modify the view point of the model, so the viewpoint being outside of the head makes it hard to use in VR, personally.

There are some other good public models in other worlds, where they have a animation on it to “henshin,” but having a public model with a henshin looses its appeal; especially when you have a whole world full of people using that avatar and spamming the animation, which ends up lagging/crashing other users which have lower end PCs.

But I think the avatars that have subtle nods to the shows, or have their own animation that they worked on, but not spam with with a world of people spamming theirs, are fine. I think this because just seeing a game rip from a mobile game or a MMD model that goes against the maker’s wish, can get old compared to people’s creativity on how they incorporated their fandom on their avatar. But this is just my opinion.

There are some people on twitter and youtube that have made really good animations, which inspired me to make some of my own.

If you are looking to meet some more fans, I do know many groups have meet ups for a certain theme, and I do recall there have been some Kamen Rider meetups in the past.


I Agree, some people on twitter and youtube makes awesome animations of kamen rider henshin, really good. not gonna lie, look i watched a video of kamen rider zero-one shining assualt hopper henshin on youtube, dude the henshin sequence was GLORIOUS not gonna lie fam.

Reason why I play VRchat because I want to be something I can’t be in real life. If I’m just using the model, I feel like I’m cosplaying. But if you include the henshin, it feels like you’re in the series which gives it a whole new experience. Well honestly Kamen Rider avatars with henshin will never lose its appeal because there are alot of Riders to choose from. I would say currently only Annie gives out samples of her avatar with really good quality henshins even though it’s her own version.
I remember when I was a desktop player, I was jealous of some users showcasing their avatars but they never want to allow people to share it with others to feel the same joy. I understand it’s their hard work so only they can use it and if you want to have it you gotta pay them. I’m not against it but i feel disappointed. There are stories I heard that they try to share it and make a public world but it got hacked and removed.
As much as I enjoy watching customized ver of their Kamen Rider ver, I prefer to see the original form which only a couple of them are doing it, for example Bigten and Trunks.
The henshins are always a big part of the Kamen Rider. Yes, there are people, whom you claim, “abuse” it but actually they’re showing it off to others and unfortunately there are some other users couldn’t handle that animations which end up leaving a bad note. But really, if you have a good PC you won’t crash easily unless there are alot of users or in a small world with lots of details. I’ve never seen any Kamen Rider avatars that has toxic animations that are epileptic or with bass boost that made your ears bleed. They only followed what shows in the series, nothing more nothing less.

Overall, I agree with gaimgamerbr, Kamen Rider needs to spread across VRchat community and by doing so is having good henshin animations with nice polished Kamen Rider models. Even if it’s overused, it still means they love it. I’m hoping someone would create a Kamen Rider avatar world with good henshin.

Ok That’s Good tho