Just some thoughts on Group Chat messaging and DMs

I new to VRChat too, and im loving it here… I notice there is no in game group chatting system available. What i mean is, if im in a group of lets say 30 people, and i wish to send all other members a message as a member, (Hey guys, in 10 minutes im going to see an event, anyone wishes to join me ?!) the game doesn’t allow that, Something like this can only be done if all other group members are in the same world, Why ? Sometimes not all group members are in the same place / A game like this that is community driven, This should have been implemented. I think better communication between group members is vital for group activities. I also think the DM system needs to be worked on as well it feels outdated. All in all no complaints, just constructive criticism.

I would suggest making a feature request at Canny so people can upvote on your idea, so the VRChat team might add that feature to VRChat.