JetDogs prefabs

Welcome everyone! With the success of my original prefabs for sdk2 worlds I think its about time to move into udon. The goal of this is to help teach people how to make things in vrchat. covering from basics to more advanced works. I will primarily be trying to use vrchats node graph but more complicated things I will be using merlins UdonSharp.

I will be posting updates and accept requests here.
Github: Jetdogs-Prefabs-Udon
Patreon: JetDogLabs
Twitter: jetdog8808_dev
Twitch: jetdog8808


started work yesterday small preview of it so far.

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current list of prefabs im working on.

  • fixed pickup
  • reset pickup timer
  • books
  • two handed weapon
  • camera recording system
  • npc walking
  • circular portal
  • pickupchair
  • head correction chair
  • hud prefab
  • clock
  • look at constraint
  • keypad text
  • postprocessing
  • spawn delete obj
  • snap camera
  • fps controlled camera
  • flying controller
  • flying chair

Version 1.0.0 is now public!!!

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If you would like to see a preview in game click this link: