JetDogs prefabs

Welcome everyone! With the success of my original prefabs for sdk2 worlds I think its about time to move into udon. The goal of this is to help teach people how to make things in vrchat. covering from basics to more advanced works. I will primarily be trying to use vrchats node graph but more complicated things I will be using merlins UdonSharp.

I will be posting updates and accept requests here.
Github: Jetdogs-Prefabs-Udon
Patreon: JetDogLabs
Twitter: jetdog8808_dev
Twitch: jetdog8808


started work yesterday small preview of it so far.


current list of prefabs im working on.

  • fixed pickup
  • reset pickup timer
  • books
  • two handed weapon
  • camera recording system
  • npc walking
  • circular portal
  • pickupchair
  • head correction chair
  • hud prefab
  • clock
  • look at constraint
  • keypad text
  • postprocessing
  • spawn delete obj
  • snap camera
  • fps controlled camera
  • flying controller
  • flying chair

Version 1.0.0 is now public!!!

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If you would like to see a preview in game click this link:

Version 1.1.0 is now public

really cool stuff. I have a problem with the keypad. Enter and Backspace doesnt work. Any chance you can implement a videoplayer that everyone in the world can use? the UDON Example (AVPro) can only be accessed by the master. i tried to fiddle with the Instance master prefab you build but i have like no clue whatsoever in coding and thought this might be a workaround to change the master or what is the purpose of that prefab?

I would make sure you have the latest version of my prefabs V1.1.1 vrchat now has a white list of ui events which breaks the older version of the keypad.

I have a video player I made in my dynamic theater but would require work for you to remove it from the scene. I do have plans on making a video player prefab but have some other work first. if you need one now I would suggest merlins usharpvideo player

The instance master prefabs was based on a older prefabs from sdk2. that would have a identifier above the instance masters head so people know who is master. its not for changing ownership of objects.

Thx for the fast reply. I have 1.1.1 installed. I can type numbers and if I set a teleporter or a game object it doesn’t trigger it if I press enter and backspace doesn’t remove any numbers. Not the button and not backspace on the keyboard work. I will check the player out. Thx for the explanation on how the instance master works. Still we couldn’t see any icon or so on a players head after I placed it in the scene to test.

I know it works cause the public world has it working fine. make sure the graph is compiled, sounds like the code is not being executed from either not being compiled or a error stopping the udon behaviour.

In the instance master prefab I have it set not to follow at the start and needs to be turned on. if you want it to automatically follow make sure to check the bool in the inspector.

Nice job thank you!