Jetdog's collection of small things ( journal )

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I’m really curious how to project the mouse position onto a collider surface like that.
Does it require raycasting?

yes but you would have to do it a different way then how i did it. we cant reference the players camera in game which i did for that project.

Thanks for this! Just used it to get my cannons working in my ship!

Did they change the Transform Transform.Direction node ?
It does not seem to have enough connectors. (I cant seem to hook up the Event “On trigger Stay”)

Fantastic work, this stuff is really useful. (Trying to build a sushi conveyer) :wink:

Been mainly focused on freeze tag but with the new update to the udon node graph I can start moving into bringing jetdogs prefabs into udon. ran into a problem while working on prefabs. i wanted to make mirrors editable in world but would not due to issues posted here: