Jetdog's collection of small things ( journal )

was thinking about adding to this with a counter and questioned how to display the number. thought about using text mesh pro for ease of use but realized there is no access to them from within udon.

messing with editing my conveyor belt. decided to switch from transform translate to rigidbody add force. but was having problems getting it to work. found out the collider get rigidbody returns null. so put a canny up.

also found that the system int doesnt show up in search. put a canny up.

working on a project and found that self reference 2d rigidbodys dont work. made a canny about it. im questioning if self referencing rigidbodyes just dont work will test a bit more.

EDIT: above should be ignored. Jetdog's tips and tricks

will have to stop my current project since im missing Collision2D nodes. made a canny for it.

forgot to share the player controller for the project.

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started working on recreating the trigger system in udon for user who know that but not how to code.

started with a little experimenting some things. like setting a array of gameobjects to disable.


had some troubles with getting back into udon. files weren’t importing correctly and graphs weren’t compiling after edits. phasedragon showed an easy way to fix the second issue which was to duplicate the graph then manually compile it. after that i got a graph to change player movement based on height.

noticed that strafe speed wasn’t changing and there was no node for it so made a canny.

should probably start updating this with new information. to start things off when I tried to get back into Udon. I tried using the node graph for simpler graphs but had too many problems. i think it would take too much time to try and work with the nodegraph in its current state, so i switched to udonsharp.

the udon assembly has been working just fine. gives a lot of flexibility for what we can do. the main problem is the node graph compiler.

for people that want to view things im working on i published my test worl.

I also am uploading my project to github if anyone want to see how it made things.
it will be updated every so often.

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The test world is great! I just tried it out and liked it a lot. How did you do the pickup flying object?

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I’m really curious how to project the mouse position onto a collider surface like that.
Does it require raycasting?

yes but you would have to do it a different way then how i did it. we cant reference the players camera in game which i did for that project.

Thanks for this! Just used it to get my cannons working in my ship!

Did they change the Transform Transform.Direction node ?
It does not seem to have enough connectors. (I cant seem to hook up the Event “On trigger Stay”)

Fantastic work, this stuff is really useful. (Trying to build a sushi conveyer) :wink:

Been mainly focused on freeze tag but with the new update to the udon node graph I can start moving into bringing jetdogs prefabs into udon. ran into a problem while working on prefabs. i wanted to make mirrors editable in world but would not due to issues posted here: