Issues creating a project in unity

Downloaded unity hub and the 2019.4.31 version of unity. Which vrchat says is the only version of unity compatible with their sdks. Problem is I can’t even get to the point of uploading an sdk whatsoever because when I run the 2019.4.31 unity, it literally will not create a project at all so I can’t even get to the step where I add the sdk into unity. If I download newer versions of unity they create and open new projects just fine but won’t accept the vrchat sdk. So I’m basically stuck in an impossible situation where 2019.4.31 unity is not supported by unity and the current version of unity is not supported by vrchat.

I’ve tried running the program as administrator and changing the destination for projects. Those were the only troubleshooting tips I could find on google. Is there anything else I can do to fix this?

Attempt a clean install of unity, don’t only uninstall it via control panel but also remove any temp or other files unity left behind, then reinstall unity as normal.

if you are still having no luck running unity you might want to ask on their help forums. -