Issue With Visemes

Hello! I’m new to 3D modeling and creating things for VRChat. Recently I’ve been working on my character, and I created a new tail (was editing a free to modify base).

However, when I work with the Visemes and check if they all work in Blender, I discover that the tail becomes very distorted, sometimes disappearing completely. This happens with nearly every viseme.

If anyone has any tips or solutions, that would be great! Thanks!

Hi, I’m going to assume your visemes are broken in Blender too. If not, let me know!

Something probably was being edited while you made visemes (or even one, if you’re using CATS). Go ahead and select the mesh with your tail, go into edit mode, and select all the faces on the tail.

Next, go to object data tab (the triangle symbol), and select the shape key you want to edit.

Go ahead and click “Vertex” at the top, and click “Blend from Shape”.

After that, in the little menu that pops up, select “Basis” in the Shape option, set Blend to 1.000, and uncheck “Add”.

You’ll have to do this with each viseme. If you’re using CATS, feel free to delete everything except your premade AA CH OH visemes and then perform the steps on those ones, and recreate the visemes again through CATS.