Issue with uploading

Hi there!

I’ve been having trouble with unity or the VRCsdk. For my avatar, what happens is when I press “Build & Publish for Windows”, it compiles and builds, but then gets stuck on “Unity Application is running… Stop it to access the Control Panel” with everything greyed out and never gets me to the screen for “New Avatar”.

I have the “Pipeline Manager” and “Future Proof Publish” unchecked; I have tried with them checked too and same results.

I am completely new to Unity and stuff so please dumb it down if you could. Thanks a bunch :3

if the play button at the top is blue, it’s probably in “play” mode and showing you the build screen on the “game” tab, just switch to the game view.

When it runs, the game tab is highlighted so I assume I’m already in that mode.

Try taking a screenshot it’ll help what’s happening, also check if there’s any errors in the console tab

I have the same issue, as the picture control panel doesn’t come out while uploading.
but in Build Test on local client working fine.

Edit: now I can get it to work, by deleting the VRCWORLD prefab and create an empty object and add the scene descriptor by manual. not sure how to fix with avatar uploading

Sorry for the delay, this is the screenshot. Im not working on a world, im working on an avatar.

looks like there are 2 script errors in the console, you’ll have to scroll up a bit and see what it’s yelling about, since those usually break the upload process…