Is using transparent preview images by modifying the upload script allowed?

Or would this fall under the Community Guideline point

Modify any part of the VRChat client or SDK. This also extends to any unauthorized 3rd party tools that interact with the client.

Yes? No? I honestly don’t even understand what you mean with “using transparent images”…

What are you even trying to do in the first place?..

Changing the uploaded pic to the storage servers to a custom one with transparent data.
This seems to be the only way to achieve transparent Avatar Preview images.

yeah no, that would fall under the
“unauthorized modifications”

Sides, most users just make their own image and overlay it onto the camera during the upload process.

I’ve seen transparent Images from at least two Creators so far though?
And yes, i know about painting on that rendertexture, but it won’t allow me to give it a transparent background.