Is there some way to become manually trusted for creating avatars?

Friends have wanted me to make avatars for them in the past and I am working on one right now. It’s difficult to have to send it off to them and guide them through installing the correct version of Unity just to be able to publish their avatar, so I’d like to be able to publish them.

However I honestly don’t like talking with people and don’t intend to spend hours playing this game just to build up rank and be able to publish. Is there some way to become manually / provisionally permitted to submit avatars?

Edit: I have to become New User to TEST models locally too? …And I just googled it and people are saying it takes ~200 hours of play to go up a trust rank!? There must be another way, right?

Trust doesn’t (thankfully) work that way :slight_smile:

Trust doesn’t have a manual system, and it’s unlikely staff will manually give you a trust rank. Since as the name implies, it’s build on well, trust.

Trust is build up through a multitude of factors, play time is one known factor, but there’s a lot of things that are taken in consideration in the equation of trust.

You only need to be “new user” to upload avatars and worlds, not just test them. So getting “new user” rank is the only rank-up you need to do.
see: VRChat Safety and Trust System

If you want to rank-up to new user in order to upload avatars, things like hanging out with friends (even if they’re just private worlds) adding friends to your friends list and exploring worlds will go a long way to leveling you up. I think account age might also influence this rating, but I could be wrong on that one.

VRC+ also gives a boost in trust ranking but I’m unsure if it’ll drag you out the “visitor” status.

How long do I need to hang out to actually go up a level? This voice call with strangers can give me a headache pretty quickly, especially as I have a cheap headset with poor lens focus :confused:

(Plus, I’ve determined already that I can’t “Build & Test” locally from Unity without being New User at least - it simply gives me the warning popup that I need to be higher ranked!)

New user and above, as mentioned above, gives you the ability to upload and test.
That’s the only rank-up you need to do.

Additionally, you don’t need to be in VR for ranking up, there’s no real time window that you need to be in VRC to rank up, as it doesn’t work on just an x time basis. As mentioned above it uses a multitude of factors.

I for example, got my New User status simply by roaming around different worlds on my own. I didn’t use a mic and I just ranked up to New User within a couple of days. But it’s different for everyone since it’s not a simple “if x than y” system.

A couple of days!? Jesus i may as well just tolerate having to send the whole project to a friend for testing every time :confused:

Well, it kinda makes sense. It prevents people from casually uploading offensive content or content that goes against the TOS (like copyrighted material).
It doesn’t stop everything, but it catches a good amount of people that just use throw-away accounts, since you need to show that you somewhat value your own account.

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It makes sense, but it sure doesn’t help people who just want to create content and don’t enjoy talking with strangers unfortunately :confused:

Well, vrchat rather not having to deal with hundreds of fake account consistently coming back to upload avatar to crash other players. [replying to the wrong person, replying to xy_zy]