Is there any way to know if someone has entered into a world using PC or Quest/android version?


I don’t know if is posible but, is there a way (udon or Unity function) to know if a visitor in a world is using PC or Android?

Thanks in advance

Yes. The basic idea is that you can simply put a boolean (or some other piece of data) in a script that you then change to reflect the build target you’re in. The most basic way to do that is expose a public boolean and then remember to toggle it on/off in your inspector when you change build targets.

But the smart way to do it is probably using compiler directives: Unity - Manual: Conditional Compilation
In that case just tell the compiler to automatically change the value of the data depending on the build target.

Another option is to use VRChat’s BuildRequestedCallback feature. Check out Packages/com.vrchat.base/Editor/VRCSDK/Dependencies/VRChat/BuildPipeline/Samples/VRCSDKBuildRequestedCallbackSample.cs

An easy, cheap option if you have EasyQuestSwitch is to read the active state of some object, and then tell EQS to toggle it active/inactive.