Is there any example about using ImageDownload to load a image as material texture? I doesn't work for me 🤦‍♂️

Hi, I am trying to load, using ImageDownload, a image from a URL to apply to material texture of object, in a world.

I follow this guide: Image Loading and use ImageDownload and in theory it should be so easy, but it doesn’t work for me.

These are the steps that I follow (according the guide)

  1. Create a new GameObject in your scene.
  2. Add an UdonBehaviour component.
  3. Select ImageDownload as the program source.
  4. Select a Material to apply the downloaded texture to
  5. (Optional) Customize TextureInfo to change the downloaded texture’s settings

The untrusted source option is also enable, so this is not the problem.

The image seems to be downloaded (according the logs in Unity) but is not showing as texture in the material of the object.
I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t find where.

Is there any example (video or similar) where I can watch all the steps and find, what I am doing wrong. ?

Thanks in advance for any help

I haven’t looked at it, but VRChat published a photo thingy. “Digital photo frame”. It grabs 10 or so images and loops through them. They may have called it a photo gallery, but like… It isn’t a gallery

Thanks for the reply :wink:

Do you know where I can find this example? Are the pictures load from url? . I have tested similar examples but all have the images inside unity project, an in that case it also works fine for me;). I am looking for an example loading images from url using “ImageDownload” udon script.

Here’s the example you’re looking for! GitHub - vrchat-community/examples-image-loading: Image Loading Examples for VRChat Worlds

Hope it helps :wave:

Thank you for your reply

I had watched this code, but says that the example has been moved😉

But also seems that this example uses VRCImageDownloader and no ImageDownload (the easiest way)

Fair enough! ImageDownload uses VRCImageDownloader internally.

Would you mind checking your console log, either in Unity or in VRChat? It may contain information about the download failing or succeeding.

Thanks again

That’s the problem… the log says that it was downloaded, but it is not shown :man_shrugging:

I am sure that there’s some step that I forgot.

I would need a step to step, in a new empty world, with one object added, to follow the steps, and discover what I am doing wrong :joy::joy: