Is there a way to use an integer in a blend-tree?

Im trying to have an animation play more of itself the higher the flap viseme is, it 0 being it doesn’t play at all and 100 being it plays all the way, but VRC doesn’t have a native way to do this, so I figured using a blend tree and using the Viseme parameter as the parameter in the blend tree would do the job, but blend trees seem to only take bools. Does anyone know a way around this?

You could use state instead and only close the mouth when when viseme = 0

what? That entirely ignores the problem i have. it needs to transition, not snap to 0 or 1.

You can have a transition time to smooth it.

That still doesn’t fix the problem…

If the viseme is at say 34, the animations going to go to 1 till the viseme goes back to 0.