Is there a way to stop the mouth from moving?

Hey guys, I’ve been beating my head on this one for a few hours. I added a facemask to my character in vroid just right on top of the face skin. When I bring it into unity via VRM Converter and I end up having a mouth through the mask. Since I’m using a mask I don’t need the mouth to move at all, well for that matter I guess I don’t need a mouth but I can’t figure out how to disable it or remove it.

What do you have the LipSync mode set to? You can go into the VRC Avatar Descriptor and set it to default.

Yup I set that to default but there was still basically the lips don’t close all the way. I did just find this in blendshapes which was able to close the mouth, I have to wait for my headset to charge to test everything but I have high hopes. blendshapes

Ok, i’ll mark that as a solution to the issue, but the blendshape is still there so things like facemoods will still open the mouth through the mask, other than that it works.

If the mouth in open in Unity, the bone might be down. Find the bone in the hierarchy and adjust it there too.

Quick edit: If the mouth isn’t connected to a jaw bone, you can also see if you can add a key to all the animations you have. It’ll be one key at the start that puts the blendshape to 0.