Is there a way to make some kind of map that tracks and shows players positions?

i’m kind of working on a big map and i would like to make it easier for the visitors to see where the people are

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Yup, you could use the Get Bone Position function on the VRCPlayerAPI to get the Position of a Head for example and attach some kind of Object in the Update Function to it. An Arrow for example. You can then offset it a little bit so its always above the head.

Edit: You need a different Object for each player tho, so maybe make one for each or instantiate them. But be careful - Instantiated Objects only show up for everyone if you spawn them inside a Network Function. If you dont they will be only be visible for the local player.

You can expand this system with a Trigger that enables / disables this.
But thats up to you :slight_smile:

Another Edit:
Look into this: Get player position or head position and stick an object to it? - #2 by kidno

Also I just noticed you asked for a map that displays the Positions oops ^^
I didnt make one yet, but I’m pretty sure its doable. For the Minimap itself I’d suggest one of Brackeys videos: How to make a Minimap in Unity - YouTube
You could now for example put that Map on a Pickup Object or on a Sign or something.

You could Combine that with the Arrow over the Head thing I mentioned earlier. Just put it way above the player and adjust the size.