Is there a way to make portals invisible?

I want to make portals between worlds as unnoticeable as possible by making portals invisible or hidden behind a 2d texture of the next world. Is this possible? I saw that you can teleport players, maybe I could teleport a player to a portal somewhere else and maybe turn off the loading screen?

Wouldn’t be seamless, would still throw you to the loading screen regardless.

But for the initial question: No, you can’t.

What it sounds like you want to do however, is just teleport players far away to make it seem like they’re seamlessly transitioning from one place to another. And you can just unload the old space secretly.

I want to be able to change worlds without the player knowing. I’m trying to bypass the 200mb file size limit per world in vrchat. What if I made the worlds so small that loading them took less than a second? That way the loading screen wouldn’t have time to show. Could that work?

Rather than trying to bypass the 200mb limit, use something like VRWorld Toolkit to see what’s causing your world size to bloat and try to reduce the size accordingly. And no, because internet speeds are a thing. (GitHub - oneVR/VRWorldToolkit: Unity Editor extension for making VRChat worlds)