Is there a way to like extract models from the vrchat cache?

i had two avatars i really liked favorited but because vrchats menus are weird and fucky, they didnt actually favorite to my avatar menu. ive restarted twice hoping that would help but it didnt. i was hoping there was some way i could pull them out of my cache to then favorite. is there a way to get them back?

it just happened again with a third model.

Sometimes the Avatar Favorites and Unfavorites take 1 day to show up in the menu. Be patient!

There’s a canny post which explains some of the issue here:

While you’re waiting for favorites to update, if you really like an avatar, you can also see your currently selected avatar by logging into and choosing Avatars from the menu on the left, and you can bookmark it.

Finally, if you see an avtr_ id you like and would like to try it on, there are two official ways to do this: one is to upload a simple home world for yourself and put in some avatar pedestals with that avtr_ id in it. The other way is to do an api request to the favorites endpoint, but that’s out of the scope of this answer, and you shouldn’t need to do this.

thank you thank you. i didnt know about this. after checking the site, it shows my missing avatars.

A bit off the original topic but it relates to the title:

Extracting avatars from the vrchat cache, and re-uploading them to vrchat without the permission of the original author/uploader is copyright infringement.

As in, yes, that’s actually pretty illegal to do in most places around the world.

Additionally such conduct is against the TOS