Is there a way to identify which hand a player is holding a pickup with?


I’m trying to make a pickup display an in-world inventory, and for ease of use I would like the inventory to appear on the side of the pickup that is closest to the player’s view.

I would like to condition this based off of which hand is holding the pickup, but I have not been able to find any documentation or other forum questions that answer how to detect Left or Right hand.

Is there a way to tell which hand picked up and/or is holding an item?


It looks like the method that does this, VrcPickup.GetCurrentHand, is currently not implemented, as it only returns a null reference error.
Though, it only looks like a method that does somewhat of an inverse of this, VrcPlayerAPI.GetPickupInHand, is implemented.
So you may have to wait for the implementation of the GetCurrentHand method. Though you may be able to utilize this other method instead.