Is there a list of available objects for VRCHAT?

Hi everyone!
I am new to vrchat but I am building a world for a music festival.
It was a bit late but now I realized that I am not allowed to code my own things and I must use only what vrchat team offers. I get it.
Now, is there a list of things that I can use? For example, I’ve seen video players, mirrors, pens, etc. just don’t know where to find them and would love to have a clear picture of what objects/scripts are available.

I am sorry if this is a silly question, I am just a beginner.

Thank you so much!

Hey Vjcuba!
While you can not use raw C# in VRChat, you can use Udon and UdonSharp to create programs for features, basically a stripped down, limited C#. Many prefabs and assets made by the community use it, and I recommend checking out the VRC Prefabs Database for different assets you may want to use.

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I have no clue how to use these things but, definitely a huge mountain to explore. Will come back asking some silly questions again soon hehehe.
Thank you so much!!