Is it possible to mimic the players arms/hand movement into an object?

i been wondering if it is possible to make it so i can control two robot arms in the world to mimic my arms movement while in vr

Yee, look at the “new” Constraints components we can use now:

You pretty much just add a constraint to the robot “arm”, then set the target to the real arm. Same for elbow, same for wrist, etc. You can fiddle with weights to get them to move how you want, but they’re pretty simple and optimized scripts.

There are some guides for using Fixed Joints and Final IK to do the same thing, but the constraints are the way to go for sure. The other two methods have tons of problems that will drive you crazy. :smiley:

although the solution applies to an avatar i was looking to use it on a world, i had a mecha on the world that i wanted to control, still thanks <3