Is it possible to make VRC_station activate parameters on my own avatar on not the person sitting?

I Want to make it so when someone sits on my avatars chair, it makes a parameter on my avatar activate so i can play sound and make particles appear, etc. but so far it only seems to be able to make the person doing the sitting animate in some way

It seems like you might be able to do this using a contact receiver positioned where your chair is.

Set the receiver to accept OnEnter collisions with a Torso collider and position the receiver to be roughly center mass of where you would expect another player to be positioned when they sit on it.

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That makes sense, but wouldnt the bool get activated regardless if someone walks into it unknowingly without touching the collider?

How can i restrict the behaviour to only react to collider grabbing or clicking?

Oh, that’s a good point.

Well, looking at the VRC_Station object, there’s a place to specify an Animation Controller. Maybe there’s a way to use that to determine when someone ‘is_seated’ in the station or something. I’ll have to go and look at the SDK docs to see what that’s supposed to do, but there might be a hook in there. And if there is, then you can probably use that to trigger whatever particle/animation you want.