Is it possible to make some sort of compiler or script that could do this

Block and ban people from a world, based on maybe there “STEAM ID”? and “Client Information”?

Why? To prevent crashers, modified clients, steam moderators, high ping avatar users, people with unwanted avatars, trolls, annoying people abusive people… people who ruin minigames and objects and the themes of the world for people…

There are many reasons why such a utility would be useful, now I’m unaware of this would be a world creation based script, or would this be something VRCHAT would have to implement directly, like how games allow you to ban people from there servers.

I’m trying to make a horror-based puzzle world, It’s a pain in the butt when people use light avatars, and just completely ruins the atmosphere… Now before you ask, yes once a world is published, then people can randomly generate their own versions of that world. But some worlds, are made so everything isn’t local-based, and some worlds are better made in groups of people, like my world, I don’t see why the whole community should be forced to limit worlds to “Friends Only, or Private, or Invite only” 24/7 just to get the most out of something…

If people can’t be grown up, they shouldn’t play with others, and modified clients allow you to bypass most features, like being blocked e.t.c

I don’t think discriminating against users in that fashion is something they want being done by world creators. If someone is a crasher or modified client user, your means of recourse is to report them to moderation, not to take matters into your own hands.


i did create a sort of moderation system but i wont be releasing, because it isnt necessary for everyone and i feel like it will mainly be abused. I wont say that i wouldnt put it in my worlds but its something i made i plan to use it. It is possible but i would say to use it for any other benefit. If you have like a reason to ban them from a world you can go ahead and do that but if they are a client user, you should definitely report them.