Is it possible to give a cloned gameobject the VRC Object Sync component?

I am trying to clone objects and even though the originals have object sync, the clones don’t seem to keep that component.

Not currently supported. You can’t create objects with network sync at runtime. The current official solution to this is to use the Object Pool component.

I don’t know if instantiating synced objects is on VRC’s roadmap. I’m not relying on it.

The only issue with that for me is that I have a game board with 400 tiles, and each of those tiles has14 different options it can be. So I would need 400 of each of those different options.

You need to reconceptualize how you want to simulate this.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have completely discrete objects. You can sync data on each object that represents what the object is supposed to be. For example, you can have a parent object with a synced integer that chooses one of some number of child objects to be active, and the rest inactive. So now one object can be any of 14 objects just by modifying the synced data on it.

You’ll probably want to go even more abstract to represent 400 tiles. It’s probably not a good idea to have 400 separate synced objects. You should encode all that data in one or a few places and then decode that data as the simulated world you need.

ooohhh. how do I use an integer to select what child object is active?