Is it allowed to use an external server/api

Hey guys,

I was reading through the user agreements, rules etc and could only find references to malicious testing, injections etc that are (obviously) forbidden.
I have written my own server which I use for some small discord bot games and I would love to integrate those into a world in vrchat to give the players an actual visual feedback to be able to play the game in vrchat. There are no threads or 20ms server ticks needed which would drain the (network) performance.
Would an integration like that be allowed?

best regards

Nothing that says we can’t. We will be getting a way to get images. You can also use video players.
The general thing that’s said around here is don’t edit the client and don’t be malicious.

There are already SDK2 worlds out there that does this, so once SDK3 get a bit more features it will be done there too.