Invisible avatar

Everytime I try to upload an avatar it appears invisible in game when it is visible in Unity, Blender, and the avatar image. I am on the right unity version I already checked and I am using the PoiyomiToonV5.3.07 shaders. It happens on multiple avatars and not just one. Could I get some help or suggestions to this problem.

Usually when this happens it’s because you aren’t using the right Unity version currently you should be using Unity 2018.4.20f1. You’re sure you’re using this one correct?

That’s the one i’m using to upload it.

That’s a weird one. You see any error messages in the Unity console? Sometimes an imported script can be breaking and causing the avatar build to fail.

There are no errors in the console

Hmm, not sure then. Could try narrowing things down a bit. Since you mentioned it was with a specific shader, you could try using a different shader like plain Standard just to test if it’s shader related.

I think I have tried switching it to standard but I’m going to do it again to check

I seem to have figured it out. If in the animator “apply root motion” is unchecked check it.